Deutsche Bahn: Tickets and processes soon on the Blockchain?

Deutsche Bahn could soon transfer the administration of its structure to the blockchain. At least according to Unibright’s plans, the company is proposing to tokenize various internal processes. This could save costs and time.

Most travellers are probably aware that Deutsche Bahn still has potential for improvement in time and cost management. Accordingly, Deutsche Bahn did not raise its prices again until 9 December. On average, 1.9 percent of long-distance travellers, 1.5 percent of regional travellers, and 2.9 percent of Bahncard travellers had to pay more. And not necessarily with increased punctuality.

Bitcoin news: Cost reduction in infrastructure

In order to increase speed and reduce costs – at least in the area of infrastructure – Bitcoin news is now proposing a tokenization of processes at Deutsche Bahn. According to one of the company’s Bitcoin news, the company is already in contact with those responsible at Deutsche Bahn. The plan: to transfer all processes relating to the trip to the block chain. There should be a digital version for each service. This is what the communication says:

„Akram Sioud, BI developer and blockchain enthusiast at DB Distribution, consulted with Unibright after successfully forwarding the first concept to the board of Deutsche Bahn. Together they developed a blockchain-based solution to bring together all services related to a journey (tickets, vouchers, local transport, accommodation, local transport networks)“.

Deutsche Bahn: Connecting the Ecosystem via the Blockchain
As can be seen from the blog post, the Blockchain is intended to bring together the entire ecosystem of the railways by, for example, including hotels in the processes. On the technical side, this should also have an impact on data flows. To make everything blockchain-compliant, Unibright proposes tokenizing these processes – for example, the bonus points program of Deutsche Bahn.

Accordingly, Bitcoin news continue:

„The basic idea is to represent all parts of a common journey by tokens on a block chain. This means single journeys […], services, catering, hotel bookings, local transport or other assets that add value to the entire journey. These assets can be purchased by customers to be stored in a personal wallet according to the Bitcoin news. Customers can transfer, sell or return all or part of these assets to the issuer. The use of certain Services is then effected by transferring the corresponding tokens from the Customer’s Wallet to the Service Provider’s Wallet“.

For the various assets, there should ultimately also be different tokens, all of which are based on the protocol of the NEM blockchain. At the beginning, all tokens are to be stored in a centralized wallet of the Deutsche Bahn and then issued by it. The concept should also benefit customers in the event of delays – vouchers should therefore also appear as tokens. The CEO of Unibright told BTC-ECHO:

„If you want to implement successful blockchain projects on a sustainable basis, it is important not to create isolated isolated solutions: A new technology can only make profitable use of its advantages if it is integrated into both the technical environment and the existing processes. Our collaboration with Deutsche Bahn Vertrieb is about building an ecosystem from existing participants in a system – travelers, transport companies, caterers, hotels and many more. A blockchain is the ideal means to technically map such an ecosystem – transparent, comprehensible and with an implied transfer of assets, values and rights“.
Marten Jung